The Eyes to the Sky

posted on June 23, 2021 by admin_nexa

When’s the last time you sat on the ground and just gazed up at the sky? Our earth is a very vast place and it’s only been in modern history (last 100 years) that we’ve had views, pictures, and videos from above looking down.

In fact, many people in ancient Greece and in biblical times believed that the world was flat...

4 Generations of Footwear

posted on June 23, 2021 by admin_nexa

The Bootery, located in downtown Greenville Ohio, is no stranger to the community or to a pair of feet they couldn’t help. Founded in 1916 and spanning four generations of family leadership, the Marshall’s are known for their expertise in sizing the right shoe or boot to any foot. No size is too big or small. TheBootery10x24InstallCOM15-2_11-1-14They also repair all kinds of...

A Dying Breed

posted on June 18, 2021 by admin_nexa

When you think about traditional media, billboard advertising probably gets lumped within that, right? You might think it’s a dying breed; who really responds to billboards anymore? When there is social media right at our fingertips, billboard advertising probably has no effect on anyone anymore, right?


Takeaways from our first Digital Billboard

posted on June 18, 2021 by admin_nexa

If you weren’t already aware, we put up the first digital billboard in Logan County! As if this process wasn’t exciting enough, Billboard Insider did a story on us to cover the whole implementation process from before the installment to after. Definitely check out the  Learn More



Bulletin & Poster Billboards

Static advertisments on high-traffic roadways for extended periods of time during your campaign.

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Billboard Gallery

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