5 Billboard Marketing Tips: Do This NOT That!

**posted on March 14, 2022 by Admin

Billboard marketing can be extremely effective—when done right. As with any type of marketing, there is a list of dos and do nots to follow. Billboard marketing is no exception.

In order for your billboard marketing campaign to become successful, you’ll want to make sure you use practices that have proven to work. What are those practices? We’re going to share them with you!

Below, the COMSTOR Outdoor team has put together a resource to help you get the absolute most from your billboard marketing experience. After all, we care about your success.

5. Do Make the Billboard Easy to Read

How are people supposed to act on your billboard message if they can’t read it?

To make your message as clear and visible as possible, make sure to use bold and easy-to-read fonts. Additionally, avoid using cursive letters and/or fonts that are small or light. Remember, you want your billboard to stand out and be viewable from a distance.

4. Don’t Use Low Contrast Colors

Again, you want your billboard to make a (good) statement, be simple to read, and be convenient for individuals to notice.

To accomplish all these points, use high contrast colors—not low contrast colors. Don’t make your audience squint to see your message. Further, you don’t want to confuse them or give them a headache. Or worse, accidentally send the wrong message.

3. Do Use As Few Word As Possible

We’ve mentioned the importance of colors and boldness on your billboard, well, verbiage is equally as significant, too. Specifically, you don’t want to use too many words on your billboard.

It all circles back to avoid confusing, annoying, or overwhelming people driving by your billboard. You only have seconds to grasp their attention and get your message across. Therefore, make your message as succinct as possible.

2. Don’t Use Too Many Design Elements

Too many words can harm your billboard marketing campaign, and too many complex design elements can cause the same disastrous results.

Don’t risk pulling your audience’s focus on images that don’t really matter or have nothing to do with the message you’re trying to get across. The images on your billboard, as well as the overall design of it, should be clean, clear, and concise.

1. Do Make the Billboard Family Friendly

More so than anything else we’ve mentioned on the list above, you never want to offend your potential customers. Though it’s difficult (impossible, honestly) to please everyone, taking a family-friendly approach to your billboard display is always the best measure.

As a rule of thumb, avoid using words and images that are negative or derogatory. Instead, try to spread a happy, fulfilling, fun, and positive message. You’ll be surprised at how much farther it can go. If you’re still confused about what will—or will not—work when it comes to your billboard marketing campaign, that’s why we’re here! With more than 20 years of experience, the COMSTOR Outdoor team is ready and able to guide you through this entire experience, from start to finish. You’re in good hands with us, and we guarantee to make you and your business visible in many ways!