Lease your property…

Lease your property to COMSTOR as a permanent billboard location.

Do you own property that is adjacent to a high-traffic roadway? Lease a portion of your space to COMSTOR and put your property to work for you!

COMSTOR is actively pursuing new properties throughout Ohio and Indiana for the installation of new billboard locations. If you own farmland, business property or residential property with extra land area to spare, weʼd like to talk with you!

That sounds great! How does it work?

COMSTOR enters into long-term lease agreements with local land owners in exchange for placing a billboard structure on a small portion of their land. The monthly amount COMSTOR will pay for leasing your property is determined by the following factors:

• Type of sign
• Road traffic count
• Sign visibility
• Number of existing signs in the area
• Advertisers demand for coverage in the area

Is there an investment required?

No. COMSTOR is responsible for ALL costs including installation, illumination and ongoing maintenance.

Do I have to carry insurance?

No. COMSTOR Outdoor holds you, the property owner, harmless from any claims or damages for bodily injuries and physical property damage caused by our sign structures or employees. COMSTOR Outdoor maintains liability insurance to cover all losses for which we may be responsible.

Do I need a permit?

No.COMSTOR Outdoor representatives are responsible for ensuring that our structures are fabricated and erected in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

What about maintenance?

All of our signs are designed to be virtually maintenance free. Our structures meet rigid engineering requirements which exceed current municipal codes. COMSTOR Outdoor operates under an organized network of business relationships to insure that all of our structures are serviced, regardless of location.

How much land space are we talking?

COMSTOR Outdoor will custom design the installation to minimize the ground space necessary to ensure that there will be no inconvenience to any ongoing business operations. Our outdoor representatives along with our engineering department will ensure that the installation will cause as little disruption as possible.

How much will you pay me?

Leases are purchased and reviewed based on factors of market demand, traffic count and location visibility. If you have a prime location on a high-traffic roadway, your income would be more than a site that has low visibility. The first step is submitting your site for review by our locations team.

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