This is how you do it…

Billboard advertising can help virtually any kind of business or organization become more visible and expand their exposure. If youʼre not sure how to start, weʼre here to help! Weʼve put together a handy step by step guide to help you understand the whole process.


Think about what you want to promote.

The most successful billboard campaigns are also strategic about what they say, how they say it and why. Do you want to become more visible in your community? Do you have a special product, sale or seasonal promotion to share? Maybe you want to expand your business into a completely new market?

Take some notes that you can share with the COMSTOR team, and begin gathering any necessary company visuals, like your logo art.


Together, we’ll help you find the right location.

COMSTORʼs Regional Sales Reps are trained to help our customers develop the right message and visuals and select the most appropriate location to achieve your goals. Weʼll stand by you every step of the way, from design through final installation. To get started, reach out to a COMSTOR Rep now.


Together, we’ll help you find the right location.

Traffic count is just one of several things that you should consider when selecting a location for your billboard. Choosing a great site depends on the goals of your campaign and the people you seek to reach. Here are some popular strategies to consider:

Gateway Presence:

This strategy involves creating a design that clearly defines your company and image and displaying it by entry and exit points of your community.


Use your billboard to define your location and how a customer can find you.

New Market:

Choose sites in areas where you seek to gain new customers outside of your traditional
market area.

Site Specific:

Promote your business image near a particular site because of unique qualities of
that location (i.e. lake, movie theatre, race track).

Your COMSTOR Rep will help you determine what kind of strategy will work best for your business.


We’ll create a strong, simple, strategic design.

Once youʼve selected your location, the COMSTOR team can help you create a strong design to convey your message and your business effectively. Our in-house design team are experts at creating messages that are noticed, easily read and most importanly… remembered. The design of your Billboard is included in your contract agreement. There are no additional design fees!

If you are creating your own design or already have a design developed for your
billboard, great! Just remember the following guidelines:

  • Simple is always more effective with billboards
  • Keep your message to 10 words or less
  • BIG WORDS are more easily seen
  • Use bold, high-contrast colors
  • Messages with humor or intrique are more often remembered
  • Photographs must be clear and high resolution (billboards are BIG)

Please refer to our Artwork Specifications to make sure your art is the correct
size, resolution, and file type. Your COMSTOR Rep is here to answer any art-related
questions about your billboard.


Installation and results!

After your board has been designed, weʼll print and install it at your elected location. Our billboards are constructed of 100% steel and we proudly boast they are some of the best maintained in the industry. Other companies use temporary paper boards that can wear out long before your message does. At COMSTOR, our signs are wrapped with high resolution advertising vinyl guaranteed not to tear or fade, making us one of the most trusted names in outdoor advertising.

Your board will remain displayed for the duration of your contract period, with first the option to renew in the same location if you choose to do so. Many customers do… becase billboards work!

To get started, reach out to a COMSTOR Rep now.

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