Heaven’s Dew Agriculture and Healthy Home:

**posted on July 5, 2023 by Admin

Our Environment Is Worth It

Healthy land, healthy life, right? That’s the idea behind Heaven’s Dew Agriculture and Healthy Home, founded by two families who shared a passion and concern for the overall health of the environment and land. As a result, in 2020, the families, Jeff and Roberta Yoder and Alan and Tisha Kauffman, joined forces, and with a little guidance from God, established Heaven’s Dew, referring to the blessing that the dew gives the earth.

Both families have firsthand experience with organic farming, grass-fed beef, small-scale poultry production, hog production, animal nutrition, 4H, FFA, agricultural consulting, gardening, food processing, cooking, baking, and even soap making. Because of these firsthand experiences, it was possible to make a deep and rich connection between healthy soils, crops, livestock, people, and the environment.

Today, Heaven’s Dew has a significant purpose: to spread the love of Christ throughout the community—and the world. To accomplish this, the Yoders and Kauffmans strive to cultivate healthy animals, fields, pastures, homes, and customer relations through sourcing and manufacturing high-quality agriculture and household products.

Specifically, the team behind Heaven’s Dew aims to help individuals initiate—and sustain—healthy environments in the home, garden, farm, workplace, and any other space that is loved and cherished. Products are created around five criteria:

  • Natural/Holistic
  • Organic/Fewer Chemicals
  • Less Plastic
  • Locally Sourced
  • Mission Focused

Under these criteria, a wide selection of personal care, zero waste, cleaning, food/beverage, household, garden, pet, and farm products are readily available.

It’s important to pay attention to the way we treat the soil, plants, and animals under our care. Further, it’s necessary to ask questions and look for healthier options. Enter Heaven’s Dew Agriculture and Healthy Home: your number one source for healthier crop, soil, and animal nutrition products.

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