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Panels: 2 & 4
Advertising Strength: This is a great location just north of the SR 601 and SR 61 intersection. It has a terrific read for traffic traveling northeast to Berlin Heights/ I-80 which is only 2 miles away or traffic traveling south into Norwalk which is also only 2 miles away.
Location: 1243 Ohio 61, Norwalk, Ohio, USA
County: Huron
Market: Norwalk/Berlin Heights/Huron County
Traffic Count: 4000
Board Facing: Southwest
Read: (See Other Side)
Media/Style: Poster
Copy Size: 6' x 12 '
Vinyl Size: 7' x 13'
Illuminated: Yes
Longitude/Latitude: -82.5443866/ 41.2809232
Do you even throw bro?!?

We know that finding things to do in small towns can sometimes be a challenge. We love to promote our clients that are changing that narrative. Check out our latest blog post about @av.bellefontaine and how they are shaking things up!
🪓 Worried about summer coming to an end? Just relax and throw an axe! 🪓 

@av.bellefontaine has something fun to do all year round. Axe throwing is a great activity for all ages, and it's easier than you might think. With axe masters at each bay, it is hard to not have a good time!

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🎆Get the scoop on the Pride of Ada Firework Show!🎆

Link in Bio

Billboards can be an effective tool to promote community events. You might be surprised to see the impact you can make in your community. 

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🎇 Looking for fireworks? 🎇 

Our mobile billboards are perfect for events like Indian Lake's "Light Up the Lake" firework show presented by @indianlakechamber and @rvwholesalers. Be sure to go watch on July 2nd at 10:00 pm.
@indianlakechamber and the @livelogancounty are having a Party at the Beach! There will be drinks and bands at Old Field Beach at Indian Lake State Park on August 13th. The billboard looks great!

Get your tickets here: https://www.visitindianlakeohio.com/party
Where are we?

We have over 400 boards between Ohio and Indiana.

Check out the map on our website to find the boards near you! https://comstoroutdoor.com/locations/
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Small Towns can do Big Things…together! 
For the second year in a row, local businesses and individuals came together to ensure that their citizens, families, and friends can celebrate America with fireworks in their village of Ada on July 3rd. 
It’s these small business owners and families, it’s the firemen, police, and EMTs; it’s the park leadership and many others who put forth their time and energy to make this happen! 
@comstoroutdoor and @smallnationstrong appreciate your mission to make your village a better place, and we are thankful for the opportunity to help thank these donors in this way!
Together, we can all do big things!  Here’s to Celebrating America, Ada! 

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Meet Shannon!

Shannon Reese operates as project manager for the @comstoroutdoor team. If you have any questions, she can point you in the right direction. She also happens to be a huge baseball fan. In fact, she has not missed Opening Day in 10 years and is well on her way to completing the MLB stadium tour. To complete it, you must attend a game at ALL of the MLB stadiums. Now that's dedication. 

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We are proud to be partnering with the Bellefontaine Police Department to help them in their search for new recruits! Mobile billboards are a great way to get the word out for hiring campaigns. 

Learn more about this opportunity on their website.

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Right Place. Right Time.

We specialize in bringing people off of the local highways and into your downtowns and are passionate about making small businesses grow! We know what will work for you because we are small business owners ourselves! That is why we have handpicked each of our locations to be in the right place, at the right time. 

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If you have an idea, we can make it happen!

We have really been enjoying the creative ideas from our billboard clients. Share your crazy ideas with us, and we might just help make it happen! Even if your idea for a billboard isn't complete, we can help. We work with our clients through each step of the process to make sure your board is the best it can be. 

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This is Billboard Bo!

Bo Alexander wears many different hats but primarily operates as a Regional Sales Rep for @comstoroutdoor. On the weekends you may find Bo gaming online. He is a very competitive gamer and has won several Madden tournaments. If you are looking to advertise on a billboard, Bo would be a great person to talk to!