The Eyes to the Sky

**posted on June 23, 2021 by Admin

When’s the last time you sat on the ground and just gazed up at the sky? Our earth is a very vast place and it’s only been in modern history (last 100 years) that we’ve had views, pictures, and videos from above looking down.

In fact, many people in ancient Greece and in biblical times believed that the world was flat! While this is laughable today, it wasn’t until after the classical period that spherical Earth appeared and was accepted.

eyesskyThe same is true of maps. Many maps where written on something called – PAPER. Again, to today’s generation the use of the paper map is…well – OBSURD!

What hasn’t changed is that people are very VISUAL. They need to SEE something to believe it.

I’ve been fascinated about the advancement of video and photography from the sky. Today, with tools like Google Street view, you can actually drive a street on your computer BEFORE you jump into your car.

Also, your billboard is not only working for you in real life – people are seeing it online from these tools as well.

Videography is making huge advancements too. The video I am about to show you is a perfect example.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in our area is Mad River Mountain, Ohio’s largest skit resort. Located just outside of Bellefontaine, it attracts HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people to Logan County each year.

This year, the Mountain released a new video showcasing ski runs and slopes using an unmanned drone. These drones are often the size of a pizza box, and they have video camera built-in that shoots high quality HD video that can be controlled directly from your smart phone.


Personally, I found this video so fascinating that I wanted to share it with you today.

In case, you haven’t been able to hit the slopes or have never had the opportunity to visit – check out how cool this video highlights the snowmaking capabilities of the talented team at MRM. Click here to watch the video now.

If you would be interested in getting a video like this for your business to show off what you do, why you are special, or just how cool your appearance from above can be, comment below and I’ll connect you with someone who can create one just for you.

Happy Friday,

Jason Duff