4 Marketing Products for Everyone

**posted on December 13, 2021 by Admin

At COMSTOR Outdoor, we believe in choices. After all, choices are important. When it comes to advertising, what is right for you and your business may not necessarily work for another company or product. As such, we offer different marketing options for everyone.

Interested in learning about those options? Keep reading! We’re positive that you’ll find the best solution to getting yourself seen.

1. Bulletin/Poster

We proudly have more than 400 bulletins and poster billboard faces available throughout Ohio and Indiana. Like we stated above: choices matter!

While you’re making the choice of where you possibly want your billboard displayed, our expert team will stand beside you every single step of the way. Simply put, your advertising journey is our journey, too. So, from the beginning stages of planning your campaign, through the actual design of your billboard, and then the final installation process, COMSTOR Outdoor guarantees to be there for you.

And, in case you’re still not sure whether or not if billboard marketing works, here are a few facts to note:

  • Billboards deliver maximum exposure of your business to residents and daily commuters
  • Billboards reach potential customers in your market areas
  • Billboards take advantage of a “captive” audience’s attention as they drive
  • Billboards place your message where it cannot be turned off, put down, or ignored
  • Billboards use your message to drive traffic online, as well as to your door

2. Digital Billboards

Do you have a time-sensitive message you’d like to share with the world? Perhaps you need to promote a current sale, lunchtime special, or celebrate a big victory? Digital billboards can do all of that—and so much more!

In fact, digital billboards can accomplish the following:

  • Deliver maximum exposure in a high-traffic location
  • Get your message up fast—in just a matter of hours
  • Change your message as many times as you’d like
  • Use unique, dynamic content that changes monthly, weekly, or even daily
  • Drive online traffic, as well as traffic to your door
  • Run multiple messages/artworks at one time 

3. Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are the perfect solution for large events, time, and location-sensitive promotions, and messages that need to be seen in multiple locations.

COMSTOR Outdoor provides mobile billboards that can effectively accomplish the following:

  • Deliver maximum exposure in a location where people are most likely to buy
  • Put your message where the action is by rolling it in right where it needs to be seen
  • Move your billboard to multiple locations within the contracted location
  • Move your billboard to multiple locations during your campaign

4. Promotional Signage

You can feature your most popular products, special promotions, or online options on the walls and windows of your business with our vinyl banners and window graphics. One of the best parts of this choice: Each full-color vinyl banner is made of industrial-grade inks and arrives with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Additionally, promotional signage allows you to:

  • Promote the products you want customers to buy as they enter your establishment
  • Use vinyl banners at other locations to promote your business
  • Create high quality and affordable marketing campaigns

Do you see an option that may work for you and your marketing needs? Contact us today to learn more and get started!